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Juice and Injustice

I didn't really want to talk about steroids anymore, but The New York Times says that 10 more name are on their way.

They also say this:

In contrast to baseball, the National Football League has established a working relationship with the Albany district attorney's office since the drug investigation first came to light in February, and has been provided with the names of a player, a coach and a team doctor connected to the investigation. The league has disciplined the player and the coach, and the team doctor was fired. In baseball, the disclosures, so far, have underscored the fact that the sport, like football and basketball and hockey, does not have a test to detect the use of human growth hormone by players.

Now wait a minute.  You're telling me a coach and a team doctor got this stuff (presumably to distribute) and we don't even get to know what team(s) they work for?

Another example of the double standard baseball is held to.  The NFL's program is about protecting the NFL, but everyone is ok with that.  Imagine if the Player's Union demanded anonymity for juicing players...

If you really want to know more about what's going wrong, check out BP's always brilliant Will Carroll.

And in further injustice, for the second time in two weeks, the Yankees play a night game before a showdown with Boston while the Red Sox get the day off.

I wonder how much diminished travel and recovery time plays into the "first-year Yankee" slump we see from so many free agents.

Update [2007-9-13 19:42:21 by jscape2000]: It's been pointed out to me that the NFL's names were released, I just missed it in the news cycle.

The doctor was Richard Ryzek of the Steelers. He was fired. Rodney Harrison of the Patriots was suspended 4 games. Wade Wilson of the Cowboys was the coach (5 game suspension).

And I feel like a dope for not at least Googling it before I ranted. Oh well. "Try again, fail again, fail better."