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Could this be Posada's final season in pinstripes?

There are a handful of players in recent years who I believe will never wear anything but Yankee pinstripes their entire major league careers (Bernie Williams, Derek Jeter, and Mariano Rivera).

I would also include Jorge Posada on that list, but Steve Goldman raises the possibility that this could be Posada's final year in pinstripes and may elect to play elsewhere next season.

Now, Posada has stated earlier this season that he intends to file for free-agency and test the market during the off-season.  That is certainly his right and he would be a fool not to see what kind of value he has on the open market.

Posada, who turns 36 next week and getting up there in age at such a brutal position, is still one of the top catchers in MLB and is currently having the best season of his career.

Frankly, there are no projected younger alternatives within the organization anytime soon and Jose Molina, while a suitable backup, is not an everyday catcher.  There are also few alternatives on the free-agent market at the catcher position during the 2007/08 off-season outside of Ivan Rodriguez (who turns 36 in November).

Personally, I believe this is a bit of fear mongering on Goldman's part towards Yankee fans because there no doubt in my mind that Posada and the Yankees will come to an agreement if for no other reason than the organization recognizes that they can ill-afford to let him go anywhere.

Your thoughts?