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Bush League "Towers" breaks The Code

We all know the story. ARod yelled "ha" heading to third base a few weeks back which confused a young Toronto third baseman...He let the ball drop and it broke the game open for the Yanks. Toronto was hot over the incident and said they wouldn't forget it.
The Blue Jays passed on bringing up the incident when they came to New York (chickenshits) and I think most of us forgot about it until the YES Network replayed it. We all know about the CODE...However, both teams are making a run at the playoffs and one might figure that what happened before is not as important as winning games...Silly me, I was wrong...

ARod stepped up to the plate Monday afternoon and the first pitch that came his way almost hit him in the knees. He looked back in the box...and continued with the AB. That's the Code. They take their shot and it's done with. OVER. Case closed.

Towers, who is barely clinging to his job as it is hit ARod in the calf with a pitch on purpose yesterday with Abreu on third and two outs after the dispute was settled the day before. The benches cleared, Towers continued running his mouth with Tony Pena and then they cleared again.

Because of the cowardly act by Towers the feud was alive and well. He could have gotten his own players hurt if anyone actually threw some punches or got dragged to the field...yea, I know it's a baseball fake fight, but injuries can happen even in a tussle.

If another Yankee pitcher was on the mound other than Roger, I doubt their would have been payback at this point in time. So the question was not if, but when The Rocket was going to honor the Code.

With the Yanks up 7-0 in the top of the seventh, Clemens hit their best player, Alex Rios in the back. He turned and trotted down to first base while his team remained quiet. Torre and Roger were tossed from the game. Once again the balance is restored. The Code is applied.

Will Toronto act like wankers tonight and go after the best player in the game again or will they honor the Code?