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Thurman Munson Tribute Game is on YES now!

l almost forget to tell you that right now...the YES network is showing the 1979 ABC Monday Night Baseball Game of the Week with Howard Cosell just after Thurman Munson died. I'll never forget it. I was rehearsing with a big band in Astoria, Queens at the time when the trumpet player came back into the studio and told me Munson's plane crashed. I thought he was joking and told him to stop playing games. "I gotta learn this riff, Mike." Then he started to shake and I knew it really happened. We were all in state of shock and couldn't continue.

Watching Bobby Murcer's tears in the dugout made me cry like a baby throughout the game. I was really surprised how hard his death hit me and so many fans around NY. Today, I understand why it did.
And how could I forget the game Bobby had. Talk about a story book ending. Anyway, I wanted to pass it on. They are showing a lot of the pregame stuff also...