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On and on and on and on

Quick hits:

  • Cleveland just beat Seattle on a walk-off walk. New York and Seattle are now tied in the loss column.
  • I have a hard time being excited about this sweep because I felt that we had to have it. At this point, taking three in a row from Boston is only acceptable.
  • I don't understand sending Joba back out to pitch the 9th, except to announce to the world that the Joba Rules are evolving.
  • I don't think Joba was throwing at Youk. But Youk is one of those pansies who complains about everything, so if Joba were to throw at him I'd be ok with that.
  • 12 of the Yankees on the acive roster came up through the farm system. The Red Sox? 5. Remember what it was like when it was just Jeter, Mo, Bernie, Andy, and Jorge?
  • In a 2008 preview, we're throwing Hughes, IPK, and Pettitte against three D-Rays with WHIPs of 1.38, 1.71, and 1.83 respectively. In the past, the Yankees had cases of Red Sox letdown (6-9 in the game following a Red Sox series in the last 3 years). There's no room for that now.
  • Chris Britton hasn't pitched yet.