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The Sweeping Tide

I was going to post this Onion article a couple of weeks ago, but the Yanks ran into a rough patch. In light of this Sox series, it seems appropriate once again. Warning: This is hilariously laden with profanity.

"F*****g Yankees," said Marshfield, MA resident and longtime Red Sox fan Lawrence Broberg, echoing the sentiments of thousands of men and woman across the nation. "Every year. Every goddamn year."
Echoing that sentiment is a more "reputable" source, the ever shifting Mike Celizic of MSNBC.COM. Just two days after writing a column about how this Sox/Yanks series was meaningless, and the Yanks were sunk he argues the complete other way.
For the first time since 2001, I can actually see the Yankees with the pitching and bullpen they need to get their 27th Series trophy.
I honestly believe this year's team is made of sterner stuff than all of the teams since 2001. I've felt this way from the beginning when injuries decimated the pitching staff. I think most people now do, too. No matter how down and out they are, they WILL come back. Now matter how many 16 run losses they suffer, they will keep gunning. That's what makes the F*****g Yankees so great. That's the mystique for me, and that's what was on display during this glorious sweep.