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Mariano to the rescue: Yanks hang on to win 4-3: ESPN was horrible

Quick thoughts:

What a job by Rivera to bail the Yanks out of another miserable Farnsworth performance and get four outs to grab a huge win against Boston w/o Manny, that ties the Yanks with Seattle for the wild card.

Every time Farnsworth teases us with a few good innings of dominating work, he immediately chokes and reverts back to his frustrating self. Kyle gave up a 2 run HR to Youkilis in the top of the eighth that made it only a one run Yankee lead and after getting the second out, he walks Varitek and forces Torre to bring in Rivera when it was the last thing the Yanks wanted to do.

Mariano was outstanding, retiring all four Red Sox batters (three bounced back to him) easily and left Ortiz watching from the on-base circle to end the game.

Damon got a big 2 run single in the second which continued his torrid hitting and ARod lined a HR off of a Beckett curve ball in the seventh which turned out to be the winning run. A great piece of hitting by Alex, who got beat by Josh with the same pitch earlier. After the game ARod said he was just looking for a good pitch to hit.

I watched the game on ESPN because I like Orel Hershiser and I wanted a break from Kay, but listening to OH and Steve Phillips I thought Beckett was throwing a perfect game and Roger was getting hammered. It was a pathetic job of broadcasting and I'm really surprised at Orel. He's usually very good at analysis, but Clemens had a no hitter going into the sixth, (even if he was wild) the Yanks were leading 3-0 and all they were talking about was the great job Beckett was doing by keeping his team in the game. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Poor Roger was lucky that Boston wasn't being patient at the plate and Beckett was sooo awesome pitching out of jams. Give me a break. He gave up twelve hits at the time and was lucky that the Yanks weren't patient in a few AB's or the score would have been much worse. Granted, Josh does have excellent stuff and flashed it today while Roger is a shell of his former self, but the ESPN crew never gave the Rocket his due for battling his tail off tonight. I thought Francona pulled a Grady Little by sending Beckett out there in the seventh.

Anyway, this is a game they lose in the first half. Wang needs to step up big tomorrow.

It looks like Manny is going to be out for at least ten days with an oblique muscle pull (a nagging injury to have) and it exposes a very weak Boston bench. Newly acquired Bobby Kielty isn't even available. It reminds me of the Yanks bench earlier in the year.