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The Boss not doing well

We've been hearing a lot about how The Boss' health has declined in recent years, but nothing I've seen has detailed his regression as much as this article from the NY Post this morning:

"A solitary figure emerges out of the shadows, limping towards us," wearing silk pajamas and a terry-cloth robe, Lidz writes.

"Great to see ya, Tommy," Steinbrenner says to McEwen.

Steinbrenner says "Great to see ya," each time McEwen, 84, asks about the Boss' wife, sons and daughters in separate questions.

Lidz writes that "he looks dreadful."

"His body is bloated; his jawline has slackened into a triple chin; his skin looks as if a dry-cleaner bag has been stretched over it . . . His features seem frozen in a permanent rictus of careworn disbelief."

After snarling at Lidz that the then-struggling Yankees will "come around," Steinbrenner ignores the writer's question about whom he wants to succeed him.

"A few minutes later, Steinbrenner starts repeating himself again. 'Great to see ya, Tommy,' he says in response to every question. 'Great to see ya.' "

Very sad news if there is any truth to this story and would certainly explain why we haven't seen or heard much from The Boss this season.