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And Now The Hard Part

Since the Yanks began playing tougher teams the Yankees are 9-8.  Remember when I said  the Yankees are a .500 team against teams that can actually hit?  I guess the 'noise' came out of the averages...

I've been trying to keep my eyes on the finish line, and despite our bad play we're only 3 games behind Seattle with 31 to play, including 3 head to head.

But to keep closing that gap we can't lose any more series.

Tonight we matchup a pair of hard luck losers, Pettitte and Dice-K.  Pettitte will have to be at his best because he's sporting a .5.24 ERA against the Red Sox in 22.1IP.  But then again, Matsuzaka has a given up 10 runs in 13 IP against the Yanks while recording 2 wins.

Tomorrow is the young Boston fireballer versus the old Boston fireballer, Beckett vs Clemens.  I hope the Yankees kick Beckett's demonstrative ass (1.69 WHIP vs Yankees, 13 IP).

Thursday is vs our ace.  All in favor of a Mussina like day for the Boston loudmouth say 'aye'.