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Who takes Mussina's Spot?

He's toast at this point so who do the Yanks go to? Here's a few names from Scranton. If we didn't need bullpen help then Joba would get the shot for sure.

Steven White: 84.2 IP 3.61 ERA 1.29 WHIP 48K's 82 Hits

Ben Kozlowski: 73.2 IP 3.05 ERA 1.39 WHIP 74K's 66 Hits

Ian Kennedy: 34.2 IP (+48 IP in AA) 2.08 ERA  1.04 WHIP 34K's 25 hits

Jeff Karstens: 19 IP  1.89 ERA 1.11 WHIP 15 K's 13 Hits.

AA Trenton:

Alan Horne has a lot of innings already: 148.1 IP 2.91 ERA  1.30 WHIP 161K's 140 Hits

DeSalvo, Wright and Clippard were already lit up in the bigs. I can't even think about Kei Igawa, (3.67 EAR 61.1 IP) but then there's that 26 million dollar signing fee. I know we want to see Ian Kennedy, but from what I've heard the brass isn't willing to move him up yet. I'd like to hear what Stick Michael has to say. Your thoughts?