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Quick Notes:

The Yanks needed a win badly after Torre almost went through the entire bullpen last night as Sean Henn gave away another heart breaker to the Tigers at like 3 am Saturday morning after a four hour rain delay. Why did they play again?

Chien-Ming came to the rescue as he went eight strong innings, giving up only two runs and reminded us that he is a top ML pitcher. Guidry said after the game that he told Wang to be more aggressive in his wind up which would make his sinker a bit more explosive. He explained that the ball comes out of his hands effortlessly at 92 mph , but he has the ability to reach back and pop it at 94-96 if he focuses on it, which forces the hitters to make an adjustment the second time around.

He was proved right and Wang sailed along to VICTORY! At 15-6 it's hard to believe that he has been struggling as much as he has, but numbers can be deceiving. Welcome back Mr. Wang, although he is 5-0 lifetime against the Tigers.

Johhny Damon continued his torrid hitting and is trying to force Torre to give him more playing time with a HR and a triple. Damon said afterwards that the team knows it's filled with talented players and nobody is being selfish like...let's say...a Gary Sheffield type. They want to win badly and do what it takes. Good for him. The Yanks are better with a productive Damon leading off and Melky batting ninth.

The Melkman broke the game open with a bases loaded triple in the sixth that turned a 3-2 lead into a 6-2 game.

Can you ever remember so many horrible losses before? I could barely turn the game on tonight after watching Anaheim and Detroit take two games off this road trip in excruciating fashion. The season has been filled with them, but the team keeps bouncing back somehow. Seattle lost 5-3, so the Yanks are now 3 back in the loss column.

I've never been a huge Matsui supporter, but he's really been Godzilla in the second half along with Bobby Abreu....And the overall team speed has been a big plus. Abreu has 20 steals now with 87 RBI's and Matsui has 90 RBI's.