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Boston Red Sox = America's team?

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Looks like Jscape has been working overtime today, so it's my turn to catch up and post some off-day banter of my own.  I was going to post this several hours ago but a tornado hit a few blocks from my house and I was without power for awhile.

Anyways, I'm sure many of you have already seen this piece from USA Today, so take it for what it's worth.

However, Pete Abraham brings up a couple of good points that illustrates exactly why these attendance figures are flawed and why the notion that the Red Sox are now America's team based on these figures is ridiculous.

The Red Sox have averaged 38,802 fans for road games. The Yankees have averaged 37,906. I'm not quite sure 896 people means one team is more popular than the other in the entire nation.

It's also worth noting that when the Yankees play on the road, they fill 84 percent of the seats and the Red Sox 82 percent.

USA Today also failed to take into account that when the Red Sox play in New York, they're playing in front of crowds of 55,000. When the Yankees play in Boston, they play before 36,000. So the Red Sox benefit in that exchange.

What it boils down to is that the Red Sox greatly benefit because they gain an average of 19,000+ in road attendance figures over the Yanks for every game played at Yankee Stadium because Fenway Park is so small.  Those numbers certainly add up when you're talking about 9-10 games every season these teams play in each other's ballpark.

Oh well.  It's a rather bogus conclusion but I'm sure it makes RSN very happy.