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Series Final: 3-6

"Well it could have been, should have been worse..."

We lost a game on both Boston (5 back) and Seattle (3 back) during this series.

We lost the season series to the Angels 3-6. We'll get 'em next year.

For now it's off to Detroit, where the Ageless One will face off against a kid I saw pitch in the minor leagues earlier this year. Andrew Miller has got big league stuff, but he's coming off the DL with a strained hammy and I think the Tigers are rushing him back to stay in the pennant race.

Next will come a matchup of struggling starters. In their last several starts Wang and Bonderman have kept their teams in the game, but neither has been brilliant.

Sunday is a day for rookies: Hughes vs 21-year-old Jair Jurrjens. In 13.2 IP Jurrjens has allowed only 6 hits but has issued 6 walks.

Monday is a day to watch closely. Earlier today, Torre refused to guarantee Mussina a spot in the rotation past his next start. He'll square off with Justin Verlander, who hasn't pitched more than 6.0 since July 26th. It's a situation we'd expect the Yankees to grind out long ABs and drive him from the game by the 4th inning- so we'll probably go down in order the first two times through the lineup.

In the meantime, even anaconda has to root for the White Sox as they welcome the Red Sox to town. It should be easier for us to all hope that the Rangers score at least half as man runs as they scored today- they face the Mariners in a four game set.