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Getaway Day

It's another evening getaway day for the Yankees, and I'm bracing myself to hear John Sterling complain about how the Yanks can never play a day game like the rest of the league.

So I went through the rest of the schedule to see how many getaway days each team has left and how many of them are day games.  

I did not distinguish between night games followed by a day off and consecutive games, and I didn't count the last game of the season.

Here's what I came up with:

Angels: 8/8
A's: 7/8
Blue Jays: 4/9
D-Rays: 7/10
Indians: 7/8
M's: 8/8
O's: 3/7
Rangers: 3/9
Red Sox: 4/8
Royals: 6/9
Tigers: 4/7
 Twins: 5/7
White Sox: 6/7
Yankees: 1/8

As much as I hate to agree with Mr. Sterling, he seems to be right.
I'll have to do this for next year's schedule during the offseason when I have more time and energy to eliminate some of the variables like makeup games and travel days.