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It's Time for Him to Go

With the loss tonight the Yanks will drop to 54-61 against the Angels since 1996.
In those twelve years, the Angels have won 991 games.

Glancing around the American League, only the Yankees, Red Sox, A's, and Indians have done better.
Their good bullpen has helped them win a lot of games against us.  Torre overmanages the big games.
But we've been over all that.

I said coming into this stretch of games that it could get ugly.  The Yankees are 7-5 since they began this tougher stretch of games.  One of the reasons the playoffs are a crapshoot is that the difference between the best teams is minute.  Short series are unpredictable.

And as John Sterling reminds us regularly, every game is a playoff game from now until October.

The quality of the team we're facing does not excuse Michael Cole Mussina's performance today.  I expected it to be bad.  I never expected it to be this bad.  On a night when the offense came out swinging he had less than nothing.  

This is reaching Kevin Brown levels for me- a pitcher who I liked when he first arrived, who I rooted hard for when a lot of other people were against him, whose inconsistancy and diminished abilities result in him hurting the team.

Moose has gone 5 innings or less in 7 of his 22 starts and he's only thrown 100 pitches twice. While I stand by him as a tolerable fifth starter, we're in a pennant race now, and one of the characteristics that mark the team's fifth starter is that when you hit the heat of a pennant race, you can dump him for someone who shows more promise.

Things that have to change:
Ron Villone for Chris Britton.
Andy Phillips for a long man (IPK? White? Karstens?  I don't care who at this point).  Wilson Betemit needs to be starting more games at first base.

Something I'm going to dream about when I go to bed tonight: Mike Mussian DFA'd for IPK.

Andy Pettitte goes tomorrow to prevent the sweep.  Please try not to be too smug if you predicted it.

Update [2007-8-22 1:53:20 by jscape2000]:

I forgot to mention, Luiz Vizcaino pitched in his 65th game of the season.

With the team down by 13 runs. With Farnsworth available. For the second consecutive game after making himself unavailable on Sunday because of a dead arm.