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Once Around the Web

On what promises to be a rainy gray day here in Northeast PA, I thought I'd take you around to my favorite baseball sites as way of a blog roundup:

Joseph P over at River Ave Blues ruminates on his ideal playoff clinching scenario.

Rest easy, Miguel Cairo fans.  LoHud reports that Cairo and Mike Myers continue to find gainful employment as baseball players.  Why I couldn't be born left-handed remains one of life's great mysteries- I could make millions throwing 60 MPH meatballs down the middle of the plate.

Jim Johnson has an interesting take on the Yanks playoff chances.  At this point I've got my eye squarely on the division, but so long as we get to the big dance I'll be happy.

Wil Carrol has an unfiltered musing up at BP.  I'd like to add, what should minor league pitchers be trying to prevent TJ surgery?  
I wish there was a better record kept of all the prospects that have flamed out in the last 50 years due to injuries.  For all that's made of babying pitchers I suspect that pitchers have always been this fragile, but with the expanded rosters, expanded leagues, expanded schedules and expanded media coverage we're hearing about it now.

For you minor league addicts, Chad Jennings offersSteven White as the answer to a question that had me stumped the other night: Who (other than IPK) would you rather see start a game over Mike Mussina next season?
2008: Wang, Hughes, Joba, IPK, Pettitte (maybe)/Moose/White/anybody else.
Maybe if we win the Series Moose will retire.

Tyler Kepner over at the NYTimes'Bats Blog reitterates the Joba Rules, and has Torre saying that those rules will not change for the rest of the season.  Kepner thinks that Edwar's emotional outburst after the grand slam disaster really caught Torre's attention: the pitching staff is smaller now and Torre seems committed to getting the guys regular work.

They're starting to sweat at Over the Monster.  That's right Allen, get that rotation set for the MF Yankees.  It's gonna be a fun time.

And over at FireJoeMorgan, Mr. Tremendous introduces us to Jerry Green.  Welcome aboard, Jerry.