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Since the EMBED command doesn't work on SBNation, you'll have to click this for youself to enjoy it:

So that went well.  Actually, it went better than I'd imagined it could after the disaster that is Mike Mussina started game 1.  Joba and Edwar could be the keys to our season with 6 weeks to play.

Even Farnsworth decided to contribute.

But as they say: "Don't look back.  You can never look back."

The boys play in Anaheim tomorrow (which is near LA, I saw it on the map.

Phil Franchise leads off against Dustin Moseley (1.40 WHIP).
Our own version of Dustin Moseley (Mike Mussina) follows against the very good Kelvim Escobar (1.19 WHIP).
Andy Pettitte closes it out against John Lackey (1.28 WHIP).


Update [2007-8-19 22:47:32 by jscape2000]:

I was just looking at the standings, and I realized something:

If the Yankees win the series against the Angels they can guarantee that they will be in first place in the wild card. The Mariners are only one game back of the Angels, and if the M's win their games, they'll be in first place in the AL West with the Angels chasing the Yankees. If they lose their games, they'll be that much farther back.

So after 124 games, it's that simple. All we have to do is beat the Angels and we'll be in the driver's seat on the way to the playoffs.