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Yankeeees Win! 5-2

Quick Notes:

Welcome back Mariano. He looked good getting the save.

Cano is starting to hit with two out and men in scoring position.

Farnsworth had a 1-2-3 inning in the seventh and looked good doing it. Many thanks for striking out Sheffield, who was booed soundly.

Viz remains on a role after winning July's Yankee pitcher of the month. He's another player who has completely turned it around.

Clemens threw harder than he has all year. 93 mph on the FOX gun. This is about the best the Yanks will get from him. Six innings that keep them in the game.

I need to give Senor Hustle his props... When he hit the ball down the left field line, I thought it was a foul instantly. It hits the foul pole and gives the Yanks a 3-2 lead that changed the game. His bad hop single last night also was the difference maker when the Yankees appeared very shaky. What an amazing turnaround for a guy who was called "worthless" by most of us.

Georgie juiced one.