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Cashman admits to giving Joe rules on Joba: Won't negotiate if ARod opts out

Quick news:

It's not terribly surprising because we know that the Yanks will protect their 21 year old phenom, but it was interesting that Brian Cashman admitted to Mike Franseca that he gave Torre instructions on how he should be used earlier today on WFAN. Usually that stays behind closed doors, but I like his honesty.

Torre has said if Joba pitches one inning of relief then he'll have a day off and if he goes two innings then he gets two days off...

If Joba had been a reliever throughout the minors there would be a need for "the rules," but it also made me think that Brian thought Joe might burn him out like he did a few others in the pen as we've seen before...

I have to believe it's posturing on Cashman's part, but he said that if ARod opts out of his contract the Yanks won't be involved in the bidding war because they would lose Texas' money. He said after the season they'll talk obviously and he wants ARod to stay for his entire career in the Bronx. Again, this is surprisingly candid on his part. A little negotiating done in the media and I wonder if the beat writers will jump Torre and ARod on this as the Yanks prepare for the pivotal part of their schedule.