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Beat Detroit for Torre

Jack Curry

Sheffield reiterated Tuesday that he felt that Yankees Manager Joe Torre treated black players differently than white players during his three seasons in New York. That is an accusation that Torre had never heard during 27 seasons as a manager.

Sheffield, who returns to Yankee Stadium with the Tigers tonight, sounded ready to keep repeating it.

"Yeah, I know exactly what I'm saying," Sheffield said. "I'm always going to be that way."
If Sheffield felt this way about Torre, it is notable that he never mentioned it while he was with the Yankees. Sheffield said he muzzled himself because he felt "he was walking on thin ice from Day 1." He said that slippery surface existed because George Steinbrenner, the principal owner, not Torre or General Manager Brian Cashman, orchestrated his signing.

Gary Sheffield is an idiot, I'm glad he's gone and I hope the Yanks can take six of eight against the Tigers just to kick Gary in the teeth. Outside of the obvious importance of the next two weeks of baseball, I hope the Yanks rally around Joe and do their talking on the field...