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Thoughts on a Loss

The Mariners just lost their game with the Twins, so depending on your point of view, this is either a day when the Yanks caught a break because the two teams they're chasing lost too, or it a huge missed opportunity.

Up next, the only team the Yankees have yet to play this season: the Detroit Tigers.

The playoff picture could really be decided in the next three series while we play Detroit, Anaheim, and Detroit again.  The Tigers are in a deadlock with the Indians, and the Angels are only a few games ahead of the Mariners.  We could knock Detroit out of contention and give the M's a shot at the division...

But I'm getting ahead of myself.

The Tigers have the mix of thunderous offense and above average pitching that terrifies me.  We'll throw Moose, Pettitte, Rocket and Wang against Verlander (WHIP 1.22, 133Ks), Robertson (1.57, 81), Durbin (1.43, 61), and Bonderman (1.30, 133).

I expect to see a roster move or two during this series, as Joe has 11.3 pitchers at the moment (because of Joba's restricted usage and Farnsworth's limited baseball skills).  Hopefully Andy "8/42, with a .237 slugging" Phillips will be the one to go.  Though, I'd be equally happy to remove Ron Villone.