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Losing Rizzuto

"Holy Cow" That was my first real memory of the New York Yankees. Before I knew of Reggie, Oscar Gamble, or later, Dave Winfield, I knew Phil Rizzuto. I knew that voice. As a child, when I heard "Holy Cow" I knew that meant something extraordinary was happening on that field.

I also associated him with The Money Store. Imagine that? A store that gives YOU money. Before I knew his history as a player. He was uniquely New York. A product of the city that embodied its spirit. Its heart. St. Louis had Jack Buck. Chicago had Harry Caray. We had Phil.

The YES broadcasters are sorely lacking the energy and heart Scooter brought to the old WPIX games. Rizzuto's passing highlighted that. And though Mel Allen may be considered "The Voice of the Yankees", Phil "Scooter" Rizzuto will always hold that title for me.

Rest in Peace Scooter. You can now get over that bridge to Cora.