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What to do with Igawa

Quick take:

I know Igawa is one of the worst signings Brian Cashman has ever made. Watching him get battered time and time again was not a pleasant experience. However, SD has come a knockin' and claimed him off waivers. The Padres released a bloated and ineffective David Wells and are in trouble-rotation-wise as the season gets deep. They'd have to be to actually claim...cough...cough...IGAWA!

What to do...what to do...Getting rid of Igawa is almost as exciting a thought as if I woke up on Monday and read that Kyle Farnsworth was headed out too....Since Hughes is back in the rotation with Clemens, Mussina, Pettitte and Wang, the Yankee starting staff is in the best condition so far this year. With the  baseball world marveling at the talent of Joba, Ian Kennedy and two other hot pitching prospects in the minors, they are dealing from a position of strength for a change and can actually get some talent for him.  

As awful as Kei has been, (and I mean awful) the Yanks already spent 26 million on the guy (usually George would have fired somebody by now) that is non refundable (not that we care about the cash) and his base salary as a starting pitcher is quite low at four million bucks a year so he is attractive to the NL and a pitcher friendly park like Petco. I can sort of understand their interest. And I thank them...

If I were Cashman and I have until Tuesday to make a deal for him, I'd hold out for at least two very good minor league prospects and a relief pitcher or I do not trade him at this point in his career. Cashman does not have to simply dump him. Scott Linebrink would have been a nice edition, but SD unexpectedly traded him to the Brewers and I doubt they'll weaken their bullpen never know.

Buster Olney said there is a 50-50 chance Igawa will be traded. Anyway, I know many PA'ers want him gone...gone...gone, but Cashman needs to be smart about how he handles him.