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What's the best way to evaluate this weekend?

The rise to a 68% chance of making the playoffs?
The twenty-two runs scored?
The three walks Yankee pitchers allowed?

Should we look at the big picture?

How the offense is on pace for 1000 runs?
The resurgence of Bobby Abreu and the C&C boys?
The power added to the pen by Dukka Dukka Chaimberlain?

Let's evaluate the weekend and the season this way:

The Boston Globe:

"We should have won three games out of three and I ... blew two of them," Gagne said in a profanity-laced rant. "They brought me in to do a job and I'm not doing it. It's ridiculous. These guys play eight great innings and I go out there and blow it. It's a shame."

Over the Monster:

And my favorite, from TragiSox.  M. Murphy is a buddy of mine from grad school.  Give him some traffic, but be nice (we've still got ground to cover).

Theo made this trade to win himself those fucking headlines: "The Best Bullpen in Baseball Just Got Better" -- despite the fact that the trade was not in the best interest of the team. The bullpen has gotten much worse quickly, because Oki's role is now uncertain, and Gagne is pitching disastrously in key spots. And a great starting pitching prospect--Kason Gabbard--is somewhere else. All this so reporters wouldn't get on Theo like they did last year for not making a move before the deadline.