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State of the Yankees

During the Joe Torre Era, the Yanks have been to the post-season each and every season since he took over as manager in 1996.  This is the time of year when Yankee fans and baseball experts alike focus on the July 31st trade deadline and speculate on what moves this team should make to put them over the top in the AL East and get ready for October.

Unfortunately, this season has been one disappointment after another and the post-season appears to be pipedream.  With a 42-43 record, outside of a miraculous 1969 Mets-like comeback, this team will miss the post-season for the first time since 1993.

Here's some questions to consider:

#1 -- Should the Yanks make any significant moves before the deadline to upgrade this team for the second half?

#2 -- If so, what move(s) should they make?  Any particular names come to mind?

#3 -- Can this team still get to the post-season?

#4 -- How many wins will the Yanks have at season's end?

#5 -- What will be the biggest surprise in the second half?

#6 -- What do you expect to see from Phil Hughes once he returns?

Please keep this thread focused on the second half of 2007.  I will post another thread on Tuesday focusing on the off-season and 2008.

We have a three-day break from Yankee Baseball, so I wanted to spread these posts out a bit.