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Hughes to make rehab start Monday

After my own speculation on Wednesday's game thread, Pete Abraham confirms that Phil Hughes will indeed be making his first rehab start on Monday for Class-A Tampa against Dunedin and will progress to Trenton and Scranton thereafter.

I guess "nyyphily45" wasn't an imposter after all.  Good luck on your baseball card collection, Phil Franchise.

It would have been really nice to have Hughes a month ago, but I for one will be excited to see the kid pitch every five days no matter how the Yanks are doing in the standings.

Although the odds of this team going to the postseason is slim, the rotation will be strong and very capable of carrying this team over the 2nd half against a rather weak schedule.

Hopefully, this group of underachievers will play for some pride and make a solid run at the Wildcard while scaring the hell out of the Red Sox at the same time.