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Yanks' pursuit of Gagne exaggerated?

Dan Graziano:

Reports of the Yankees' lingering involvement in talks for Mark Teixeira and Eric Gagne appeared to be exaggerated. Yankees GM Brian Cashman is adamant about not trading top prospects Joba Chamberlain and Phil Hughes (both of whom appear headed for the major league team, perhaps this week), and without at least one of them, he has no shot at Teixeira. And in return for Gagne, the Rangers asked for outfielder Melky Cabrera, whom Cashman also doesn't want to trade.

So as of last night, it appeared the Yankees were content to call up Chamberlain for the late-inning relief role and spend the next two days fishing around for a bench player or two unless something unforeseen falls into their laps between now and then. There's even some sentiment that it's not worth their while to deal for bench players, since they fear manager Joe Torre won't use them. Shelley Duncan's inability to find his way into games lately, after his big-splash debut last weekend, is the latest example of grist for that theory...

The Yankees do appear motivated to trade reliever Kyle Farnsworth, and may just end up taking the best offer they have on the table for him tomorrow afternoon. The Tigers have expressed interest in Farnsworth.