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Lots of eyes on Scott Proctor

NY Post:

Yankees fans may be tired of watching Scott Proctor and Kyle Farnsworth pitch ineffectively for their team, but that hasn't stopped other major league clubs from being interested in the erratic right-handers.

According to talent evaluators from AL and NL clubs the Yankees and Devil Rays are moving closer to a deal that would send Proctor to St. Petersburg for utility infielder Ty Wigginton.

"The Devil Rays really want him," the source said of Proctor, who may be converted into a starter for Tampa Bay. "The problem is that other teams want him, too."

The Dodgers, who had a scout watch Proctor pitch an inning in Wednesday night's 9-4 victory over the Royals at Kauffman Stadium and were on hand again last night when the red-hot Yankees attempted to bag a four-game sweep, have an interest in bringing Proctor back to the organization where he started his professional career.

"He didn't pitch very well [Wednesday] but at least he had his fastball," the scout said of Proctor, who wasn't with the team Monday and Tuesday in order to be in Florida for the birth of his son, Cooper. Proctor retired the first two batters before giving up a single and hitting a batter. He was replaced by Mike Myers to face lefty-swinging Mark Teahen.

The Proctor-for-Wigginton scenario started last weekend when the Devil Rays were at Yankee Stadium and was rekindled last night. That was after the Tigers let it be known to the scouting community that they were interested in Farnsworth. According to a Yankees source, the Tigers' interest in Farnsworth could be their involvement in a three-way trade because as of late yesterday afternoon the Tigers hadn't made an offer for Farnsworth, whom the Yankees would gladly dump.

The fact that the Yankees are thinking about moving Proctor or Farnsworth is a big indication they are about to roll the dice on converting Joba Chamberlain from minor league starter to late-inning reliever.

It goes unsaid that we have to consider the source, but I do believe Chamberlain is going to be brought up to pitch in the bullpen sometime in the next few weeks.

I didn't believe this was a likely scenario one month ago, but it's hard to dismiss his recent promotion to Scranton and the fact that Cashman and Torre keep talking about him.