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Yanks shopping Johnny Damon?


The Yankees have been calling a few teams to see if they'd be interested in taking center fielder Johnny Damon off their hands. One of those teams is the Braves, whose answer (according to an official with one of the teams involved, who requested anonymity because he was talking about deals that weren't completed) was that they liked Damon, "but not at that price." Damon is signed through 2009 at $13 million per season, and if the Yankees were to trade him, which they technically could if they believe Jason Giambi is coming back soon from his foot injury, they'd probably have to chip in a good chunk of that salary. That, along with Damon's limited no-trade clause, makes it unlikely the Yankees would deal him, but it sure is interesting that they've looked into it....

Like the Farnsworth buzz from the Post this morning, I tend to take these rumors with a grain of salt.  Expect to hear a lot more of them until the deadline passes on Tuesday.