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A complete disaster

The Yanks have had several embarrassing losses this season, but last night's display probably tops them all.

Moose came in and laid a giant Brontosaurus-sized egg when his team needed him most and Edwar Ramirez did his best to top Colter Bean as the worst performance by any Yankee pitcher this season.  That's really hard to do with Kei Igawa in the rotation.

I'm sure many will blame Torre for Edwar's performance, but he can only be blamed to a degree.  Yes, Torre should have used Ramirez more often, but you can't use rust as an excuse when you throw 21 pitches and 19 of them are out of the strike zone (one of his two strikes left the yard in grand fashion).  

Sorry, but rust doesn't excuse a 10.5:1 BB/K ratio.  Part of being a ML-pitcher and a key guy in the bullpen is stepping up under not so favorable conditions.  Nobody came to the defense of Colter Bean and his "rust" when he too couldn't find the strike zone and stunk up the joint after a long layoff.

Not gonna use the "League of their Own" reference in regards to Edwar's post-game interview because that card has already been played ad nauseum by others in the Yankee blogosphere.

It will be interesting to see how this team responds.  They can't afford to lose a series to the D-Rays when they are chasing the Red Sox and missing a lot of opportunities to gain ground on a team that hasn't played well in weeks.

Unfortunately, the Yanks would be in a much better position if they had played .500 ball on that infamous road trip to Colorado, San Francisco, and Baltimore when they couldn't win more than one game (not including suspended game) against three sub-par teams when they were seemingly on a roll after a 9-game win streak.

By the way, the Ramirez profile image is as good as it gets.