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They need a bat!

We all know about the bullpen, but I still think getting a good hitter is almost as important.

Damon is killing the Bombers...236 AVE .338 OBP

He's 15-78 since 06/20. Arggggg!!! And many broken bats...

Johnny does walk a lot (46X) which has helped his OBP considerably, but soon pitchers will just challenge him without fear.

He's only had sixteen extra base hits all year. 10 2B's, 5 HR's, 1 3B

At this point he's running the bases effectively and has stolen 16 out of 17 bases, but it's obvious that he's hurt. Can anyone remember the last time he hit a line drive? Even a foul one?

Last year he slugged at .482, this year .327

Unless they get another bat soon, he'll never get the time to heal and the Yankee chances of mounting a sustained threat are minimal at best.

Who would you want to see Cashman go after?