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Oh, what a relief it is

via Lohud

Mike Myers: Right-handed hitters are 10 of 59 (.169) against him with four walks. Left-handed hitters are 17 of 53 (.321) with eight walks. Makes no sense whatsoever.

Scott Proctor: Sparky has not struck out any of the last 32 batters he has faced. He has allowed 10 hits and three walks in his last 5.2 innings.

Brian Bruney: Has put 27 batters on via walk or HBP in 34 innings.

Luis Vizcaino: 24 earned runs in 39 innings.

Kyle Farnsworth: Where do you start? Opponents are hitting .281 against him and he has only 21 K in 31.1 innings. 16 walks (1 intentional). Three 1-2-3 innings in 34 appearances, which is shocking.

What a freaking mess. Jeter is batting third today with Damon and Melky batting in front of him. They need a power stick in a big way and soon.

And A-Rod's wife had an interesting shirt on. "F*&k You," it said. The NY Post made it a big exclusive. I will say that was an interesting choice. Maybe it was designed to send a message to the NY Post.