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Scott Proctor for Dan Johnson?

The latest trade rumor comes from the San Francisco Chronicle:

The most recent rumblings are coming from New York, where a possible trade of [Dan] Johnson to the Yankees for right-handed reliever Scott Proctor is all the buzz. An A's source said that the team hasn't communicated with the Yankees in more than a week.

The Yanks should pass on this deal.  Proctor is certainly inconsistent at times, but he's still one of the more reliable arms in that pen if he's given a day off once in awhile.

Also, getting rid of Proctor would put more of a burden on Vizcaino, Bruney, an unproven Ramirez, and [gasp] Farnsworth if he's not dealt.

Vizcaino has been very good lately but he is what he is -- a decent option but shouldn't be counted on in many big situations.  The real Vizcaino will emerge once again the more often he's thrown into the fire.

Dan Johnson is certainly a better option at First Base than Andy Phillips, Doug Mientkiewicz, or Miguel Cairo, but I would be more willing to pull the trigger on a deal like this in the off-season when it would be easier to find a replacement for Proctor.