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What will Cashman do?

Anaconda has been posting about the state of the Yanks and I just wanted to focus on our GM for a minute. We're all aware of the easy schedule the Yanks have for the month of July so if the Yanks do get off well after the break then what will Cashman do? He'll be forced to make some moves in order to give this team a chance at winning, but at what cost?

His job is on the line and he can't just sit back either way the wind blows. If the Yanks falter out the gate will he trade off some players and wait till '08? I doubt it. Not if he's not here to put back the pieces. If they do die an early playoff death which is the likely scenario then what does he do with the last two months of the season and fifty thousand pissed off fans coming out to the park everyday? (If they show) Cheering on ARod to crack the sixty HR mark isn't going to be nearly enough. I know I'm rambling a bit, but you get my point.

The Yanks need to go 16-5 or 15-6 in their next 21 games to even appear to have an outside chance at a playoff spot so I guess we'll know soon enough.

All Star notes:

ESPN's Baseball Tonight got booted by MLB from broadcasting in SF because they broke an embargo and announced the All-Star rosters before the end of a selection show on TBS.

Peter Gammons did his usual suck up job to Barry Bonds about the HR record. I happen to like Gammons, but this is getting ridiculous. In Peter's teary eyes, poor Barry was so sensitive at the big all star bash so maybe we should cut him some slack and celebrate his overtaking the HR record. Peter, maybe he's acting more like a human being because he's retiring and won't have to deal with...people?

Karl Ravech, predicted Ichiro will hit .400...Ummm...OK