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The 2007/08 off-season

Last week, I posted a thread about what I believe the Yanks need to do in order to turn this team around and make them a World Series contender as soon as next season.

So, now it's your turn to tell us what you would do.

Here are some questions to think about:

#1 -- Will Joe Torre be back next season?  If not, who will be the new Yankee skipper?

#2 -- Will Brian Cashman return as GM?

#3 -- Will Alex Rodriguez, Jorge Posada, or Mariano Rivera be back?

#4 -- Who should be the Yanks' primary target(s) this off-season? (not including the no-brainers in #3)

a.)  Ichiro Suzuki
b.)  Torii Hunter
c.)  Andruw Jones
d.)  Mark Teixeira
e.)  Carlos Zambrano
f.)   ___________

#5 -- What other moves need to be made?  Who else could you see wearing pinstripes in 2008?

Because the off-season is still over three months away, I will pose these questions again once the season is over.  

There is a lot of baseball to be played until then and a number of us may have a different perspective after watching this team play its remaining 76 games.