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Please trade Farnsworth now!

We beg you oh Brian Cashman. You've got to do something and fast. He's painful to watch. The Yanks need relievers for sure, but this guy is killing us...Just checking Triple A:

Jim Brower's line is: 18 IP, 12 hits, 20 K's, 7 SV's and a 1.00 ERA.

Edwar Ramirez's line is: 13 IP, 8 hits, 19 K's and  a 1.38 ERA

I have no idea what kind of stuff these guys have. It's just the stats folks. I'm sure they are too green to help.

Bobby Abreu finally looks like the player the Yanks traded for last year. He'll never be a decent outfielder, but in the first six games of June so far he's:

21 AB's, 10 hits, 4 2B's, 7 BB's, 6 Runs, 1 HR, 3 RBI's, and a .476 average.

in May:

106 AB's, 22 hits, 4 2B's, 8 BB's...He had 5 extra base hits all month and get the idea.

Kei Igawa has given up 14 hits in 12 IP's at Scanton. Looks like he still needs a lot of work.