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As I did last year, I will be updating this post throughout the day with draft info. Hopefully spotlighting some of the guys about to enter our farm system. Check back here throughout the day. You can check CNNSI's draft tracker here for other team's picks.

[update]1:56 PM PST

The Yankees first selection in the drafts is:

Andrew Brackman RHP NC State

Zoinks. The Yanks need a pitcher, not a center.

The concern with Brackman heading into his first full season as a baseball player only was how durable he would be. The former basketball standout had never spent an entire college season as a starting pitcher and he ended up being shut down with a tired arm late in the year. Still, the pure stuff, including a 97-mph fastball when he’s 100 percent, intrigues many scouts and despite the inconsistent year, he’s still in the first-round fray as more of a college project than an advanced arm."

Update [2007-6-7 17:29:46 by John Amato]:ESPN's Keith Law said the Yanks got a steal in Brackman. He had him going to the Tigers at # 27. Gammons echoed the sentiment and said it was a tremendous choice. He probably was hoping Boston picked

[Update 16:47 by Jaime R]

The Yanks second round pick:

Austin Romine C, El Toro HS
Romine hasn't always played scout league ball, limiting how often he's been seen outside of the regular season. Though he's been tough to evaluate in the past because of an ever-changing offensive approach, he's settled in and has shown good hitting potential to go along with a strong throwing arm. The only question is if Kevin's son will go pro or follow his brother's path and head to ASU.

[Update 18:13 PST by Jaime R]

The third through 5th picks are:

Ryan Pope RHP, Savannah College of Arts and Design.

Bradley Suttle 3B, Texas

Adam Olbrychowski RHP, Pepperdine