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Baseball Draft Day

It's on ESPN. It looks like with the new Baseball Network being developed---they're going to try and blow this up. I'm mildly interested.
John Sickles at minor league ball has the rundown on many of the players.

Update: At least they are smart enough to only give the teams a five minute window to make a pick. I do remember when the Yanks had the first pick in the draft after the Kevin Maas Yanks were awful and in '91 took Brien Taylor. He was a highly touted HS pitcher (Boras had his hands all over him) who blew up in a fight and destroyed his career:

While working up the minor league ranks in 1993, Taylor suffered a torn labrum while defending his brother in a barfight. He was never the same pitcher again. He was at AA before the incident but spent the bulk of the remainder of his league career struggling at Single A. He was released by the Yankees at the end of the 1998 season and pitched for minor league affiliates of the Seattle Mariners and Cleveland Indians until retiring in 2000. He currently works in real-estate, specifically buying and repairing homes for resale.