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Goldman: Yanks need to trade A-Rod

NY Sun:

It's time to trade Alex Rodriguez -- not because of his strip club habit, his supposedly bush league "Ha!" play in Toronto, the coolness with which the home fans regard him, or his slipping skills. Rodriguez needs to be traded for the only reason that matters -- the Yankees have a chance to be a better team without him. Not only is it their best chance to improve now, it may be their only chance to avoid several more years like this one.

At first glance, this seems counterintuitive. Rodriguez remains one of the best players in baseball. Although his bat was relatively cold in May (.235 AVG/.361 OBA/.422 SLG, five home runs), thanks to his torrid April performance, he is still tied for the major league lead in home runs. After looking lethargic and confused in the field last season, Rodriguez has dropped some pounds and recovered his agility. He's likely to pass the 500-home run mark this season, and should continue to be a gate attraction throughout his declining years as he knocks down one home run record after another, quite possibly including the career mark that Barry Bonds will set this year. This is the kind of player you want to acquire, not get rid of.

Well, it worked for Seattle and Texas (sort of), but I just don't see Brian Cashman pulling the trigger on a deal.  Regretfully, I believe A-Rod will opt out of his contract at the end of the season and the Yanks will be screwed.

I hear Mike Lowell is available this off-season.  Sigh.