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Farnsworth's tantrums

Is there any Yankees that has less of a right to rant and rave about being pulled from a game than Kyle Farnsworth? He's been as bad as it gets for a seventeen million dollar eighth inning specialist the last few years and all of Yankeeland has had enough of him. I know he's a prideful player, but pride is a poor substitute for performance.

Against the Giants, Jeter did make a bad error which resulted in runs being scored and he was visibly unhappy on the bench after that one. He did his best to pull off a Paul O'Neil imitation, but he's no Rich Little. See what I mean? He makes me come up with lame analogies. Kyle's given up more runs and been hit harder per dollar than almost every pitcher in baseball...except for Igawa of course. Oh, and Pavano...Brrrrr...

Kyle was fuming when Torre pulled him in the eighth inning of Friday night's game after he put two more runners on in a one run game. He sat in the corner with smoke comin' out of his ears as Ron Guidry exited stage left. The pitcher that replaced him happens to be the best closer of all time. And Mariano did not disappoint by looking like the man of old and saving only his....gasp...tenth game.

Let's hope he has a good home stand so Cashman can dump him on some National League team and be done with him once and for all...