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How can they fix this thing?

Quick thoughts:

Damon needs to get some rest and come back healthier. His leg injuries are causing a whole other set of problems for him including stripping him of all his power. He doesn't have to be a HR hitter, but clearly teams know he's just trying to punch the ball through some holes and they are adapting to his woes. And I blame the coaching staff for having Melky so deep in Saturday's extra inning loss. What the heck was he doing out there? He's young and needs some coaching, don't ya think? Remember Paul O'Neil against Atlanta in 1996?

Matsui needs to be a clutch hitter again...I never was in love with him to begin with, (horrible playoffs) but he did come through at times. I have to say he's playing left field better than he did the last two seasons, but now he can't hit crappy lefthanders. He feels Giambi's loss more than anyone else on the team. I thought ARod would, but Posada is having such a huge year and is protecting him in the order.

They need a 1B with a stick...Cairo has been great in the field, but he needs to be a back up again. A huge Cashman mistake was not shoring up this position. Manky was not the solution and we on PA all knew it...

Please, please, please help the bullpen...I know there probably isn't much available, but they need someone to throw strikes coming out of the pen. There has been improvement of late (Viz), but when it mattered most...(Saturday) they failed miserably to hold the lead.

Another starter would be great (a doubtful pickup) because who knows when Phillip Hughes is coming back. What a loss this kid has been. Slim Shady (Igawa) needs a full year in the minors to at least become trade bait. Wang and Pettitte are solid., but Mussina is up and down...who knows what the Rocket will bring as he gets into shape. His show down with Bonds was a big drip.

The Yanks are a .500 team right now and that's all there is to say until they prove otherwise. They can still rally for the wild card, but the division was lost in my mind on this road trip...

Anyway....Just another random rant...