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I didn't see this coming

Quick thoughts:

The offense had come alive in their big winning streak so I never expected going into Colorado and see them put up such a pathetic display.

Mussina pitched well enough to win Tuesday, but got one run. Pettitte received one run going into the seventh inning of Wednesday's game until he unraveled. Today, the Rocket took the mound and after Matsui hit a 2 run HR in the first I thought they would score some runs. I was wrong. Roger struggled and the Yanks ran the bases like little leaguers and were swept by the Rockies, losing 4-3 today.

Outside of Jeter getting four hits and Matusi's HR, I can't remember many balls even being hit hard. And once again we see Abreu trying to bunt in the three hole.

The Yanks don't have wiggle room because of their terrible start so this series was crucial in maintaining their confidence and a spot in the playoff hunt. Now they limp into the City by the Bay and need a sweep and a series win over Baltimore to keep pace with the rest of the pack. Good luck with that.