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Game #70 -- New York Yankees at Colorado Rockies

New York Yankees

Johnny Damon,  CF
Derek Jeter,  SS
Bobby Abreu,  RF
Alex Rodriguez,  3B
Jorge Posada,  C
Hideki Matsui,  LF
Robinson Cano,  2B
Miguel Cairo,  1B

Roger Clemens,  RHP  (1-1,  3.65)

Colorado Rockies

Willy Taveras,  CF
Kazuo Matsui,  2B
Matt Holliday,  LF
Todd Helton,  1B
Garrett Atkins,  3B
Brad Hawpe,  RF
Troy Tulowitzki,  SS
Yorvit Torrealba,  C

Rodrigo Lopez,  RHP  (3-0,  2.90)

Johnny Damon returns to CF with his abdominal strain and super-duper utility man, Miguel Cairo, is back at 1B.

Roger Clemens has pretty good career numbers against the Rockies (2-0,  3.04 in 4 starts).  The Yanks are very familiar with Rodrigo Lopez and roughed him up on many occasions (7-8,  6.02 in 23 starts) during his tenure in Baltimore.

The featured graphic for today's game is the primary cap logo for the Colorado Rockies.