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More Rumors of Rumors

I swear...We're not even half way through the season and the press is already talking about NEXT season's free agent signings. The rumor du jour according to the Daily News is Torii Hunter:

I love Yankee Stadium," Hunter said. "The atmosphere and energy there is great. And the fans know the game. When they get on you it can be pretty personal, but it's always about your baseball game.

"When someone screams, 'You just can't hit that slider,' that's someone who knows what they're talking about. You don't hear that kind of informed (chatter) in Minnesota."
Acquiring Hunter may be old news, and nothing can really be done until the off season, but his name keeps popping up in the rumor mill. As talented as he is, personally, I see no reason to sign him at the moment. Melky Cabrera seems like he can blossom into a fine replacement for Damon in center field and the days of taking on huge contracts for players that don't quite fit the team (as we usually painfully learn later) are over.