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Big Yankee win against the Mets

Quick notes:

After a torrid hitting stretch during their recent nine game winning streak, Oliver Perez shut down the Yanks last night and upstaged Roger Clemens for a 2-0 win. The bats were silent. Was this cause for concern? Apparently not. With a fifteen hit, 11-8 win over the Mets today, the offense came back hard against Glavine and the Met bullpen. I think it's safe to say that the Yankee bats are here to stay and ESPN's Sunday Night game will be another huge affair. Wang vs El Duque.

On the downside, Clippard was horrible today and was just sent out. He's being replaced by Kevin Thompson, who will be needed when the Yanks go to the NL this week. Igawa won't be far behind since Cashman spoke so highly of him on Mike and the Maddog Friday. I like Tyler's make up and he will improve with more work in the minors. He's only twenty two and wasn't ready for the majors when the Yanks called him up.

The Viz got the win today and seems to have regained some of his confidence. His velocity looked to be a bit higher also as he went 1.2 innings with a hit, a walk and two K's. I still don't trust him yet, but his last few outings have been positive.

ARod is insane. Thursday he smacked a rare HR that hit the upper deck facing to left and today he hit another mammoth HR into the left field bullpen. I can't remember seeing a player hit a ball so close to the left field upper deck.

Jeter goes 4-5, hits a huge HR to take back the lead and shows why he's an instant HOF'er. He upped his average to .343, and has an eleven game streak going.

Rivera threw 33 pitches in a bad ninth inning, but he's been really sharp in his previous ten innings and hadn't pitched in four days. He'll be available tomorrow night if he's needed with an off day on Monday.