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Upstairs, Downstairs

It's a whole new ballgame. Heck, it's a whole new season for both New York ballclubs. The Yankees, scraping the bottom of the AL East barrel for much of the early part of this season, are resurgent having won 9 games in a row in authoratative fashion. The Mets have collapsed in on themselves, having recently been embarrassed by the Dodgers. The Yankees are itching to get a little payback against their crosstown rivals going into their three game set this weekend.

"We were struggling, just looking for a way to get our swagger back," Torre said of the first series against the Mets. "The way things are sitting now, we're a more confident team and we're playing at home. That's the reverse of what we were then. They were the more confident team playing at home and they beat us two out of three. Emotionally, we have an advantage now."

Last season the Yankees put a stamp on their New York supremacy with a monster game by A-Rod, effectively taking back the back page from their National League rivals. Hopefully this season will be no different. The Mets had all the love from the press trumpeting the demise of the Yanks. After this weekend, we may be hearing them whistling a different tune.    
Update [2007-6-15 13:50:57 by John Amato]: Today's game isn't on DirectTv or ESPN or the Met station or YES...I guess it's only on the local MY9 station...And tomorrow I'm blacked out too...