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Seven in a row. It's nice to see a baseball team again. They need to win four out of the next five going into Colorado to keep this run going.  Abreu is back to playing like he did when the Yanks acquired him. Gene Michael had a great observation about his outfield play. He said that he's drifting to the ball which is causing him to shy away from the wall instead of going back on the ball first.

The Stick also said that he's told Gator to get Mussina into the weight room. He feels that if Mike worked out he'd be able to get the speed of his fastball back up to a respectable level.

Gene also told the Yanks to bring Hughes up last year and thought he should have started the season with the Yanks this year. He loves his stuff. Michael was a major orchestrator of the great Yankee teams and is highly regarding as an excellent judge of talent. It doesn't look like they are taking his advice these days, but King George won't let him get out of the organization either. I'll try to get the audio of Gene's interview...