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The Senor Hustle we know

A few quick notes:

NY Daily News

"I'm being a lot more patient at the plate. I've been hitting the ball to the other way. I'm starting to hit better pitches, taking a lot of walks, seeing a lot of pitches," said Abreu, who faced 34 pitches in his five plate appearances, a "remarkable number," according to Rodriguez. "It's tough to play when you feel you don't help the team to win, but it's a lot of fun right now."

If Abreu keeps seeing as many pitches as he has, the Yanks offense should continue to roll.

Damon is an odd bird. Most position players hate being a DH, but not Johnny...he has embraced the role. The move is allowing his legs to heal a bit and gets the much more athletic Melky Man to roam center field.

ARod is unconscious right now.

Cairo is suddenly a gold glover at 1B, but eventually they'll need a real hitter there.

And let's light a few candles so that Cashman gets another arm in the bullpen.