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Scout rips Yanks, calls Abreu 'piece of garbage'

This agent is not named pfistyunc:

The scout, speaking on the condition of anonymity, believes the Yankees simply don't have the players to overcome their first two months, pointing to the struggling Bobby Abreu, a weak bench and some very average pitching as three of the biggest factors working against the Bombers.
Abreu, in particular, has baffled the scout, who said, "It looks like he's never played the game before in his life." Having watched several Yankees games during the past month, the scout can't figure out how Abreu has dropped off as severely as he has this season.

"I'm as confused as you are; he looks like a piece of garbage," the scout said. "I keep looking and trying to find reasons, but I have no explanation. All I know is that he's not doing the job.

I don't know how they are going to pull a miracle out of the hat with this offense. Joel Sherman reminds us of the '95 turnaround:

In Game 51 of their season, the 1995 Yankees beat Toronto to improve to 22-29. In Game 51 of the 2007 season, the Yanks beat Toronto to improve to 22-29.

That '95 season was filled with Yankees obituaries as a positive run was met with a losing streak. The Yankees were eliminated more that season than Jason from Friday the 13th. On Aug. 26, they lost an eighth straight game (Seattle's Randy Johnson beat them) to fall five games under .500. They were 13 games worse than the Angels with just 32 games to play.

...but I don't see it with this team.