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Simply disgusting

It's hard to imagine the Yanks' pitching perform any worse than it did last night.  Absolutely pathetic.  

The outing by Colter Bean ranks atop the list of worst performances by any Yankee in the 21st Century.  Hopefully, we won't see him throw another pitch for this team and was sent packing to Scranton last night before the game ended.

You have to believe that either Chris Britton or Ron Villone will be returning to the team as soon as today.  My money is on Villone, but I hope I'm wrong.

Britton is clearly in Cashman and/or Torre's doghouse for whatever reason, but he will quickly change their opinion of him if he can get major-league hitters out.  He just needs to be given the opportunity.

As others have noted, he's already had a successful season in the big-leagues under his belt and is pitching well in Triple-A Scranton:  6 AP, 6.1 IP, 5 SVs, 0.00 ERA.   I simply don't understand why this kid is not being given the opportunity to show what he can do.

The only good thing to come out of last night's embarrassing loss is that both Johnny Damon and Bobby Abreu had three hits apiece and appear to be breaking out of their slumps.  Also, the Yanks' offense did score 11 runs -- I guess that should count for something.

The Yanks desperately need Wang to pitch a good ballgame today and save the pen because it will be worked extensively yet again on Sunday and Monday with rookies Darrell Rasner and Matt DeSalvo taking the mound.

Whether it's Jon Lieber or someone else, the Yanks NEED to make a move and get someone who is capable of pitching 6 innings on a consistent basis.  If not, this team is toast.

They can ill-afford to run two rookies out there every 5 days against the absolutely brutal competition they are going to face the second half of May (ChiSox, NYM, BoSox, LAA, and TOR) and the first week of June (ChiSox and BoSox).

Work your magic, Brian Cashman.  Now.